Friday, February 27, 2009

Herb Garden - Start Small

Most of us battle to find time to shop for fresh ingredients, especially herbs. Now is the time to grow your own herb garden. Although the romantic old-time formal herb garden stays a favourite, think out of the box. Herbs can be grown almost anywhere, no excuses…….

· Start small · Choose a sunny (4 to 7 hours of direct sun per day), open but sheltered spot · well-drained fertile soil · near the house

A small formal herb garden remains timeless, framed by low hedges and paved paths. Paving accentuating the formal lines and geometric design and provides access to the herbs and ease harvesting.
Incorporate your herb garden into your existing flower beds, the combined textures and colour adds interest and herbs act as a natural pesticide e.g. lavender helps deter mice, ticks and moths and attracts butterflies.
Herbs also grow well in pots and can be re-arranged around your garden or easily accommodated on patio’s and balconies even in the window.
Soon to follow planting tips.

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