Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Favourite Drink

A must try – Red Cappuccinos – blended from South African indigenous bush tea (for further information visit red espresso®)

It’s got to be that rich red swirl topped with a dusting of cinnamon and honey that makes it love at first sight. With the wonderfully rich taste of Rooibos poured over foamed milk, this make for a taste rush.

We love Red cappuccinos served at W Café - selected Woolworths Stores.

Added bonus – health benefits:
Caffeine free
Rich in anti-oxidants (research has shown the Red Espresso is 4 times richer in anti-oxidants due to the grinding process in an espresso machine)Low in tannin
Free of oxalic acid
No colourants and preservatives
Good for indigestion

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