Monday, April 4, 2011

Enjoy Life the Litsje Way

We all go through some stressful moments. We can't always control what happens to us, yet we can control how we respond to the situations. So how do we do this :

We need to stay optimistic even though we can't seem to see the reason why. What we need to do is look at the situations which present us with it's negativity and have a complete mind shift and see the problem in a positive light. By looking at a problem in a different perspective enables us to feel hope in the situation. In turn we need not have our lives turned around by negative people as their negativity would in turn control you.

Invite a few friends or family over. This doesn't have to be expensive. Have a movie night, rent a few movies with popcorn. Friends and family both love these movie nights. If you spend to much time with yourself, you could just start to feel extremely sorry for yourself and that is never good.

If you have a garden, create a small place to just sit and state if you are in need of that quiet time, if you don't have a garden, create a potted garden on your patio. Spending time with nature lifts any person's spirit.

Live for the moment. Don't feel guilty when you sit in your favorite coffee shop having that espresso reading that all important novel in your lunchtime. Take a break, refreshers are good for you and will give you a boost, as this in turns lifts the spirit and your family would love you. Don't lose focus. Focus on your family, your friends, your life, your love. Remember everything happens in their given time.

Best friends are their to support and guide you. Albeit it's best friends I'm talking about. If you need to talk, it's never as good as a best friend putting things back into their rightful boxes. Other people's insights to situations are sometime a bit different than your own, and they might just be able to solve your biggest problems.

A final note for the day, experiences do not cost money, walking in a garden, swimming in the sea, these are the experiences we remember. The material way of spending money is very fleeting, you can only find joy in buying that hairdreyer once and it's all forgotten, yet  now smelling that fresh sea breeze, forest, that's what memories are made up of.

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