Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our family went on a bit of an excursion this weekend. It all started with a promise of the best carrot cake ever. I have to admit was totally true and totally worth the drive to Vergelegen.

Vergelegen's history and background all started in the 1700's with Willem Adriaan van der Stel. Since then Vergelegen has been owned by the Anglo American group since the 1980's.

We all had the greatest meal, we covered all bases, from the quiche, to the tiramisu to the pavlova to the carrot cake I think between the eight of us we covered it all.

The patio is very family and friend, - friendly and we had the greatest of times. We are thinking of having a picnic soonish so that is definately in the works.

The gardens and the museum is just the place to go and find yourself or get yourself lost in. All those little bit or big spaces you can absolutely choose what you want or where you want to hide.

Vergelegen is a wine farm and as such has a great wine testing centre, not that we tried it, but it is there and available for those in the know and for those who has the nose.

All in all we all had a great time.

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