Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Going Green

I'm Going Green, It's in the works, and we're getting there as a family, teaching yourself and your kids new greener habits - ain't easy.  Hereby a few tips of what I've been doing lately.

What's happening in our home : 
  •  We've been splitting all the plastics, bottles and paper. 
  • Re-use paper and print at the back. Re-use all old newspapers as packaging material, instead of bubble wrap.
  • Got the kids to make paper mache baskets to put their little trinkets in. My daughters came out quite nice.
  • Have a bottle cutting machine, re-using and cutting all the disposable bottles and making them into glasses/vases as Christmas gifts for the end of the year.
  • Changed all the light bulbs in our home to energy saving, this decreases your electricity bill at month end.
  • We switch off our geyser during the day, this again has an impact on our electricity bill at month end.
  • We are going paperless, all magazines/books purchased are done online. This can be read on our tabs.
  • I bought each child one good water bottle, that's the one they use until its unusable. It's also biodegradable.
  • I've got hubby to sort out our bathroom. All faucets are low flow. This means a saving on water. We did this with our loo as well. Works wonders and saves on our water bill.
  • One other idea I do is when I do have to travel, collecting kids, doing the errands - make it one trip. With me before I collect the kids at school or daycare I do the shopping, then collect the kids and go home. Saves time, energy and help with all those gas emissions. Only one trip and saves petrol.
  • At the back yard I've planted me a herb garden. I'm seeing how this will be going and then will start with the veggies. I have to say I don't have the greenest fingers, so this is an entire new venture. It is quite nice to see your little herbs growing. 
  • Clear the kids cupboards, what they don't wear give to charity.
  • Foodwise - go green, on my little errands before I collect the kids I stop at the farmers market and buy our veggies, milk and bread. Most of the time the markets are cheaper than the supermarkets, saves time and money. Always a good thing.
Just a few ideas to get started. A few small changes collectively would make a huge change globally.

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