Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yellow Walls

I changed my mobile service provider and this got me inspired in all things yellow. As a matter of fact when I saw this picture .... it just says it all - the yellow inspiration. 
At the moment I'm so busy, sometimes I wonder what's on top heads or tails. I'm busy studying and need to finish off a few projects with due dates the end of the month. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. Then I give myself this small little pep talk to myself that it's just another few days and then I'm done for the year. For this year at least. Then theirs next year, with the cycle starting all over again. I guess next year I'll just take a few less subjects and work myself through the year again.

There you go a challenge for us all would be to see the good in all things, be happy, smiley, grateful and enjoy the little moments, even if it is a small little phone with the yellow brand.


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