Friday, February 15, 2013


I'm trying very hard to save trees, somehow it's not quite working in my favour as I just luv the feel of paper between my fingers. Magazines call to me, especially the well designed ones. I usually tell my friends if we go out shopping to keep me away from bookstores, I think in a previous life I probably were a librarian or something similar.

I'm one of those people, when something grabs my attention I cut or more likely tear it out and into a box it goes. Luckily it's only one box. Now and again I'll sift through the box to see if anything still tickles my fancy and what to file away in bin number 13 (that's the trashcan).

For the past week I've been sorting, sifting, archiving, binning into number 13 everything that does not speak to me. Out of these explorations I found a few possibilities that still speak to me.

It's those inspirations I'm sharing today which, is for onedays or somedays.

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