Friday, March 22, 2013

Cape Town Company Gardens

No visit to Cape Town can be done without visiting the Cape Town Company Gardens. It boasts lovely walks and is the entry way to all the museums in Cape Town as well as the Planetarium. We just had a visit to the Planetarium ourselves and gave us all the information about the skies above Cape Town. What I did learn is that we see everything upside down as everything was named in Greece right side up. Quite a bit funny if you think about it.

What's lovely about the Gardens is that doesn't matter what time of the day you'll see a few squirrels and birds in and around the gardens. It's a great place for photo opportunities and for some great explorations. The great thing about the Gardens is that now and again it will host a day or a night market and then its abuzz with people and all things entertainment.

If you are in Cape Town or work in Cape Town, don't give the Gardens a miss. You'll be quite surprised.

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