Monday, March 4, 2013

Litsje's Pinterest

Pinterest is always good for sourcing ideas for your home, diy and crafts. I myself have a few boards of inspiration. My favourite is for my home which I describe as : 

These are all the things I want to do in my home, around my home and with my home. My place for inspiration, ideas and dreams

I'm sharing a few pictures for your inspiration. On My Home Board you can just click through to the original pin and/or site and/or source.

I love the fact that it has narrowed my home style in what I love/like/want/need. Although there is a difference between want and need. What's nice is, some of the ideas are of such a nature that it could be done on a budget. Gives the side of want a bit of breathing space to process the need.

While pinning I'm working through if this idea / inspiration would work for me, what I do have in and around my home, what would I need and what my want would be. It's a slow process, yet it has helped me define my home style.

We all are different, and I'm sure that through all the pinning you'll find your own style. There is just some things that give us a pull more than others be it visually or emotionally. Through this visual explorations we tend to find how in some sense we are put together. What inspires us, what makes our senses tick. That's what pinterest does for me. It's like looking through a window for inspiration.
Finding the inspiration that works and moving this inspiration into doing.

I'm always exploring and hope that you will find joy in exploring your senses as well.

Imagination is the eye of the soul.
Joseph Joubert

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