Thursday, March 14, 2013

Notebook Ideas

I love notebooks, journals, notepads - everything that a pen can gravitate to, the art of scribbling notes onto paper. I have tons of little or big recycled books lying around to jot down my latest notes and ideas on life, love and everything else.

It's quite a fun thing to do tweaking a notebook here or there to personalize it. You would definately know it's yours for sure.

My notebooks are my sourcebooks and I do tend to write everything that inspire me into these little books. I always have one in my handbag. It is the nicest thing when you do coffee on your ownsome to just pop one out of your bag and write a couple of ideas or places you have seen that inspired you. It comes in handy if you take photographs and wonder what photographs you took and from where you took them.

For inspiration, if you don't have anything to do, just whip one of your books out and tweak it a bit.

It really is very satisfying when you look at your end result that your notebook is something you made which is uniquely you. Here are a few of my notebooks to date that I've been carrying around in my bag.

I even make my own little notebooks and it's really super easy. In my previous post I gave a small little tutorial on the how to's.
This little notebook are filled with notes taken at meeting. Meetings are mini Shakespearean adventures more often than not and this little book comes in plenty helpful.

This is my diary for 2013 I got it Skinnylaminx covered. I bought a couple of pieces of material and made me some cushion covers, zipped little purses for all my make-up and I had all these little bits and pieces left over and this what the outcome of one of those bits and pieces. A all covered Skinnylaminxed diary for 2013.

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