Thursday, April 11, 2013

Craft To Do List

I wonder if you have a Craft To Do List like me. Thought I'll share some of the things I want to make soonish. I've gathered all these ideas and bought some of the stuff I would need. Now it's on my to do list. It's amazing when you start to think of what you can do with all your oldish things before you throw them away.

I have these two old candlesticks which is green that doesn't fit anywhere in my color scheme, I liked the shape. As I'm moving my color scheme to white I bought myself white gloss spray paint. Whenever the weather is right, no rain, sunshiny afternoon, I'm going to spraypaint my candlesticks and see what the outcome will be. The inspiration for this little adventurous little to do item on my list I got from this owl.

I got some pegs and I have my little stampset. I want to make these for my friends for Christmas. For me it has such a Vintage Feel and I know they will luv this. 

I bought me Jenga Blocks at the Toy Factory Store and I've got two ideas about these. I want to make stamps out of them and modge podge them for fridge magnets. This will definately be on my Gift List for someone.

Something else I want to do is I have all these old books and I'm a lover of books. I thought before I pass them on or get them mulched I'll rather do this, make them all pretty and pass them on to my friends. Upcycle the books in some form or other.

These are but a few ideas I have. It's amazing how you can just see something and it makes you think of what you can do.

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