Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choosing Chandeliers

I'm in the process of choosing chandeliers for my dining room. I came to the conclusion it's not that easy and with going through this process realized a few things which need to be taken into consideration.

Firstly scale is important. A chandelier should not be wider than your dining table, otherwise it throws out the scale of the room. Too big makes it top heavy and too small won't make that all there statement. What I did realise by choosing a chandelier, it's all about how it feels for you. Most of the chandelier materials I've seen included brass, aluminium, wrought iron, or even recycled materials. So basically there is everything and anything in everyone's taste.What I've been told as well that if you do use a chandelier it is very important to have accent lights on either side of the chandelier. That is to add sparkle to your china, crystal and arrangements on the table. This helps with the shadows chandeliers usually throw over a table. The accent lights can also be turned towards the chandelier and adds sparkle again to the chandelier and improves and provides down lighting for the table.

Another reminder I got from the people in the know, if one is going to hang a pendant light, make sure it doesn't hang too low, it should be about 400-800mm above the table.

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