Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still Life

I've known about Still Life for probably more than 10 years. My first ever flat got outkitted by her. My lounge had these two recreated chairs in purple and green with these pink and green hand painted cushions all handmade by her. I had this cupboard which was all painted in purple with lillies on it.

To this day I can't not but venture into any of her shops without walking out with something I really like or which just spoke to me. Now Still Life has shops in Long Street, Cape Quarter and Hout Bay and I can truthfully say I've been to them all, got the T-shirt browsed till the pursestrings dropped and just luved every moment of it.

I love her fabric prints, her homemade South African cushions, her small little postcards you can pick up and stick in a frame. I can just say if you're ever in the Valley, can always just pop in and browse, it's so worth it.

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