Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hop on Hop of Boat Cape Town

Thought today I'll share a bit of Cape Town with everyone. After living in Cape Town for years and years, sometimes you don't actually see and appreciate what's close by and under one's nose. So the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing a few random shots of my excursions in and around Cape Town and hopefully this will inspire you to take a stroll round your City or Town as well. Today I'll be showcasing the Waterfront, and I know that most Cape Tonians have done the Waterfront shopping bit, but there is a small little red boat called the Hop on Hop off Boat, just round the corner from Q4. We took the kids and they loved every minute of it. It's about a 30 to 40 minute round trip from the small little dock to the CTICC and back again. Just for the relaxing bit, you just have to do this.

Hop on Hop Off Boat at Waterfront from Litsje on Vimeo.

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