Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One day in a life

I work for a charity organisation and sometimes happiness can be found in the smallest things. Last week I got to spend the day at a school where a new container library will be placed. The joy and love on children's faces, is sometimes so great, I just have to share a few pictures of my day. Inspiration can be found in many circumstances and places. I just had to laugh at the kids when I told them, I don't want any signs in my photographs and only smiles, one of the little ones gave me that smile and told me that don't I know they're church people and that they don't do signs. I felt like a starlet being mobbed as they all wanted to see their pictures after you've taken them, at one time I had about fifty kids in front of me and one wall at the back of me. This made me think that sometimes we should be like children, always exploring, always a little excited, always a bit curious, inquisitive, revisit our boundaries, think a bit outside of our little boxes - sharing the luv unconditionally. Enjoy a bit of love from my day.

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