Monday, July 30, 2012

Rugby Mamma

To be Rugby Mamma is loads of pressure. We are totally a rugby family at the moment. It comes with tons and tons of responsibility. I just have to share a "Rugby Mamma's" job description with you.

  • Remember that there is no sleeping in or being late - at all.
  • Remember to have all the camera's, tabs, bb's, phones, videos and all other electronic equipment charged and waiting to go.
  • Remember to delegate the necessary electronic equipment to all relevant family members.
  • Remember to ensure that all the passes, kicks, tackles are included across all the media channels.
  • Remember to make all media available at quarter time, half time, full time to all visiting family, friends and requests by friends when required.
  • Remember to back up all relevant media to stiffies, sticks, phones, for social media purposes.
  • Remember to have on hand, cold drinks, water, food, snacks at any given time.
  • Remember to have your wallet on hand for any given requests at any given time.
  • Remember to remember that you have seen all the passes, drop kicks, kicks, tackles made by any member of the team.
  • Remember to know where those specific drop kicks, tackles, passes are on any of the abovementioned electronic equipment.
This is just a short list of the requirements of a rugby mamma, for those mamma's who's season just started, I'm feeling the love with you.

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