Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Red Inspiration

Today my thoughts is on everything red, it's the last day of July and in some places there is a mention of having a bit of Christmas in July. For those final moments of July moving forward into August, I have a few red inspirations for you today.

 I would luv to have one of these "red" little hot wheels to get me going, feeling the wind whipping through my hair, the sun on my face in these wintry moments.
 It doesn't matter what color scheme you have, a red little kettle is a must. It just gives that something extra to any kitchen. Brightens a day, shouts make me some coffee, warms you up.
 I luv glasses and in my repertoire I have all different colors, shapes, sizes. It really can make a statement on a table. It doesn't need to be expensive, just look expensive and unique.
 I luved this combination fo red and white.
 Here again, the white on red.
 For a kiddies room, I thought this make such a bold statement.
For a dining room, going all out in white and red. Good combination. Luved the clean, modern lines.

My little bits for the day. Enjoy your last day of July till we meet again in August.

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