Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brown Inspiration

I'm in the process of looking at different color schemes, finding the right one just for me. I'm chuckling in my sleeve a bit here - I have to keep three kids, one hubby in mind throughout the process. What will be suitable for a family. It's a daunting experience changing color schemes, moving a bit out of the box. What will work in all the rooms, what is the theme I want throughout our home, do I want to go country, minimalist, chic, French country, the options are endless. With this all the colors that could work, might work. Every color has a different tone, mode, feeling. What do we want to think, feel, experience with the colors we choose. Do we want warm colors, cool colors, soft colors, vibrant colors. What would fit our personalities. What would fit us as a family. Going through this process, I do know which colors I have an affinity with and which ones I don't. It's a process and an enjoyable one I have to say, keeps me thinking and exploring. Keeps the fingers nimble working through all the options. Today I'm exploring a bit of the browns, enjoy the experience with me.

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