Friday, October 19, 2012

Small Apartment Ideas

I'm still thinking about small spaces as per my previous post. I know I chatted about this before, but it's more and more in my mind these days. We have this small little space we rent out and I'm wondering when our tenant leave if I shouldn't confiscate the space and make it into a breakaway little place for me. So it's a toss up between getting some rental income or creating a little place where you can put your feet up and relax with no worries and just have a place where you can be creative. You know those big decisions you make what is the difference between quantity or quality time. Another consideration for me is the fact that if we have family and friends over we have some place for them to stay. For now I'm doing a bit of daydreaming as I have another three months before I need to make a final decision. These are some of the ideas that I think might work for my little space.

I loved the bed and the fact that it has wheels, so for me this would mean I could roll this into any corner of the room and create space where I would need it.
 I loved the clean lines of the room. Everything is defined.
 This could work for me to, create a little work space with a little space to put up those feet and the couch could be one of those pull out beds for when you have family and friends coming for a stay-over.
A bookcase against a wall makes good storage space.
 Everything pristine white with a little bit of color thrown in, is another way of utilizing small spaces, just gives the space such a wider, cleaner, open look to it.
Loved the coziness of this little space, could definitely work for me.
This little work space station white with the wood is another way of creating that openness. 

As you can see, so many ideas, it's like buying shoes, there is just so many to chose from and you can only choose one pair to wear. Sometimes I feel I could probably get one in every color. Although I can just imagine how this will go down in my small little space.

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