Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Bauble Notebook

This week I'm sharing some Christmas Tutorials. Things that you can make super quickly without breaking the bank. Sometimes you just need something extremely fast and nothing says quicker than a notebook. The plus side is that it always comes in handy if you're a "girl" as we always need to write something down pronto.

To make these little Christmassy Notebooks - all you need is a glue gun - a must on any crafters workspace. Scissors, notebooks, templates you want to use, glitter glue, felt and some other knick nacks you have lying around on your desk or in some trays somewhere.

 Most of the ingredients all laid out and ready to be used.
 All you need to do is take the glue gun and glue the edges of the front page of the notebook on the notebook itself. Take the piece of felt and stick it to the front page and just go with your fingers until it all sticks very nicely up to the edges. Glue the spine and do the same and turn over and glue the back cover of the notebook. Your entire notebook will now be covered with the felt. Remember to take the glue up to the edge of the notebook and make sure that the felt sticks up to the edge.
 After your felt is stuck to your Notebook you can just take your scissor to trim the edges.
 You can just cut out your templates of what you want to use and place it on the felt you want to use. Cut out the templates on the felt.
 After this you can position your cutouts in the way you want it to be. I've made mine small little Christmas Baubles. Just stick it down with the glue gun and make sure the edges are all sticked down.
After everything is done and dry, you can just take whatever you have around to spruce it up. I took some glitter glue to go round the edges and put a nice little bow on top. The uses are endless and the only thing you have to use is your imagination.

Good luck with the little Notebooks.

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