Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small Apartments

Our tenant is moving out in a few months and I'm still thinking what my viable options are about the little space. It's a small little granny flat and I don't really want to rent it out any more. It's not a big space its more like a bachelor flat with shower, kitchenette etc. For the moment my thoughts are venturing towards a little place for family and friends to come stay when they visit Cape Town with a little chill out space for us when we just want to be off to ourselves like Carrie in Sex in the City. Maybe even a little artist space for me or a home office. At least for now just looking at all the smorgass board of inspirational homes keeps the momentum going in the thought process of what the space can become. I'm moving towards the more whites with greys and I think the materials at Fabric Centre especially the worded ones would work great for the space. I can't really wait to start on all the planning. Will keep you all posted on the process. At the moment it is just the collection of all the ideas, color schemes, furniture items - we'll get there. It's a bit of a process at the moment.


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