Friday, November 16, 2012

Sketchbook Inspirations

When life gets a bit hecticly busy or a bit too much in the muchness brainwise, like a mobile deciding to take a little holiday on me, parents leaving for overseas for an entire three months, global hopping in Australia. An matriculant writing exams - one motor cycle accident later, three cars smashed, luckily he wasn't hurt badly, thank goodness. A laptop which decided to lose about three months of work. Then you would understand that I tend to grab my sketchbook and just sketch what comes to mind, I doodle, watercolor, paint, lino, aquarelle, pastel, oil, acrylic to my hearts content for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour a day. Believe you me it's the best therapy you can prescribe for yourself.

Today I'm sharing my little "masterpieces" of the last five days. What I'm trying to impart inspiration wise is that you don't have to be the worlds greatest artist, the most important thing is to start where you are. Just start, take the brush, paper, water, paint and begin. It does not have to be perfect. You are doing this for yourself and remember to tame that inner critic and not judge what you do, just let it flow on the page and be. While putting brush to paper just let whatever you feel come out not that I'm a really zennie typie of person, but for me when I create I mull things over and everything sorta falls into place in my mind and creating for me is to get perspective of things. Crazy I know, but for me it works.

That's why today I would like to give you a fifteen minute challenge for the weekend to take brush to paper and to just start. You'll see, you'll feel differently in about a weeks time - guaranteed.


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