Monday, January 14, 2013

Fabric Centre

I love shopping at Fabric Centre in Somerset West. There is just too much fabric to choose from, that when you leave you still feel as if you've might have just missed something. This time around I got pulled in by the blues, greens, yellows, greys, reds and am sharing a few of my favorites today. So with too much further ado, let the senses speak for themselves.


  1. That is a butt load of fabric. :) There is nothing I would love more than to shop there, looks like heaven to me. I hope I can visit there someday. Thanks for the info!

  2. Beautiful!! May I ask what is the price per metre for this material?

  3. It varies per metre per fabric and can range from anything between R60 per metre to R100 per metre. The best is just to give them a call and ask for what you want and Fabric Centre would be able to assist.

  4. Great photos, I am looking for knife, fork & spoon fabric in red and white, do you know if they ship to Europe and do you have a number / Email for the Fabric centre? I can't seem to find any contact details on their facebook page.


  5. The info I have :
    -33.9425500, 18.4704400
    Phone Numbers
    Email address


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