Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric Centre Somerset West

 This is just snippets of fabric available to those who want to venture forth to
4 Dynagal Street, Somerset West - Fabric Centre.
It's the hugest warehouse I've ever seen with the widest variety of fabric this south of the equator. I just luv, luv, luv the printed fabric and am definitely going to cover some of my furniture with this. 

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 These blues made me think of holidays. These colors made me think of my little "dream" beach home with splashes of white and blue and me staring at the ocean. Living in total blissfillness.
 This is such a traditional fabric, loved the wording, brings the South Africanness of Afrikaans to the fore. Just luv it. I'm going to do a few cushions with these fabrics.
 I could so get ready for Christmas with all the reds . The wording is everything local is lekker
The greys, I luved the clocks and the houses peeking out in the middle. Could definitely do something with this for sure. I'm so super excited about all the possibilities that this little shopping excursion presented itself with. Will definately share all the outcomes.


  1. How can I order directly from Fabric Center?

  2. You can just give them a call directly and they would be able to assist

  3. What is the price for the Afrikaans fabric?

  4. Hi :) I was wondering if I could acquire perforated fabric from this store? the perforation should take place ever 1.5 to 2 centimeters. It would be used from a larger scale of cross stitching and rather for a type of wallpaper or wall decoration. The texture could be leather, plastic, rough (bamboo etc) Thank you for your time.


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