Friday, January 18, 2013


Silvermine, is one of those places it's close enough to town not to be far enough. The meaning of this wonderful trueism is that it's within driving distance from anywhere in Cape Town.What's nice about this reservoir is that you can do some swimming to cool off, take a walk on the pathways and there is even a few other walks you can go on. There is places to have a picnic if you so wish and a couple of places in the nooks and crannies you can put down your blanket to just gaze and the water. The kids can even do some tadpole hunting. So if you are wondering what to do for a Saturday, Silvermine is always a very good inspirational place to be. Previously when we went it was a bit misty and rainy and this time around it was just a great wonderful day to be outside in the sunshine sharing a picnic with a couple of friends. The only advice I will give is to just enjoy the space and scenery and believe me it's a great place to just be.

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