Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creative Evening Putting It All Together

This is just a reminder to self, that it's about fun and not work.
It's about connecting with your friends.
To do as much as you can before the time as not to run yourself ragged between rooms.
It's about exploring your CREATIVE side with your friends.
When choosing a project, first look at what you have in and around your home. This way you don't need to go and splurge on a lot of art supplies. Not every person need to have their own set of tools, sharing works if the project requires a specifc tool. Brown paper, card board, towel paper is most of the time items we have around our homes. Instead of using cutting mats, use card board you can throw away after use. Use brown craft paper as cover for your diningroom table, no need to use table cloth. Just tear off and throw away at the end of the evening. If you can't afford any flowers, use paper flowers. Make your own votives for the table. Place all supplies on the table before your guests arrive. That way you know everything is on hand and you don't have to go look for a supply.

I usually the day before just phone all my friends for a quick chat and remind them to wear something comfortable. Something that should it get messy they won't worry over.
On the evening I just place everything on the buffet table, make sure the urn is boiling, coffee, tea and drinks are all laid out.
My theme is all set out in my room with all the little bits in its place.
All the Arts supplies are on the table, all ready to be used.
 Lastly, but not the least, Remember to have FUN, enJOY yourself and to relax with your friends.

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