Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The meaning of Roses for Valentines Day

Ever wondered what roses really say if you're on the receiving side. I did a bit of research as I love fresh flowers and it being Valentine's Day shortly and everywhere you go it's all about the flowers, I found the following, which for me was very interesting : -

The red rose is the leader of the pack. This is the ultimate symbol of love. This shows a deep devotion to the one you love. If you receive a dozen red roses then you know it's true love.

Pink roses is all about elegance. It's all about sweetness and innocence, and conveys appreciation.

White Roses is about new beginnings, spirituality and innocence and this makes them perfect for weddings, especially a bride's bouquet.

Yellow Roses is all about warmth, joy and frienship. It's all about summer and the lightness of being. So it's a friendship color.

Apparently, mixed colored roses when given is from a confused romantic who doesn't really know how they feel yet. I guess then we'll just have to help them in the right direction depending on the mood.

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