Saturday, March 16, 2013

White Bedroom

I'm in the process of changing by bedroom into an all white affair. The process being I bought up all stark white linens, busy in the process of making myself an all white quilt, the easy way. Got me a couple of nice all white cushion covers stashed away in my bedroom ready to be used.

The problem is..... It's a bit more difficult than what I thought, with three teenagers, one husband, cat and a dog in the picture. It's more in line with when do I actually do this all white affair. I don't really want to do this when I'm near to pension time and not have the joy of living in my all white room.

I'm wondering is white actually a practical color. I'm thinking I'm asking all these questions to myself when I actually already have eighty percent of all the all white stashed somewhere in my room already. Then when I look at the pictures below, I get all inspired again to have this all white bedroom including the children, cats and dogs.

Then again, when I'm getting to the rest of the twenty percent I'm wondering should I or shouldn't I. Who knew that this would become an issue. Then again, when I get inspired with the all white I'm thinking maybe I should go with it and let the chips lie where they roll.

Maybe I should just use a magic ball to make the decision for me.



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