Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I've had a few birthdays the last couple of weeks and what I have found Wordle came in quite handy to make that special birthday card and/or wrapping paper if you're in a bit of a tailspin with not so much time on your hands and birthday deadlines to meet.

All you need is words describing your special friend / event. You can filter your words, delete them as you go along. It's great fun and quick. In Wordle click on the create button, insert all your wording and press go.  This will give you your little graphic. All you need to do now is play around with the color schemes or press the randomize button at the bottom When you're happy, get your color printer all hooked up and press the print button. This will print out beautiful wrapping paper or wording for a card.

Here's my venture in describing a few moments of my time for inspiration :

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