Thursday, March 7, 2013

Handmade By Me

I luv, luv, luv the designs by Sera Holland (Handmade by Me), just so that you know she is a fellow Cape Tonian like me. I luv fabric and fabric designs. I'm not really a sewing person, actually at present I'm machine less as my little Elna decided to have a wee break. What I do love is design, patterns, the one of a kind feeling of a pattern. The way that a pattern flows, the fact that with a good pattern your designs can look seamless.

I've seen numerous of Sera's designs in magazines and it is inspiring. I love her fabric designs and for me the best way to showcase these designs are through her cushions. I luved the one with the flamingos. This is the design that made me feel like I was on holiday. This design got me moving onto her next design, the next and nextest. She again got me moving a little bit from my comfort zone as I more often than not love the French Country look. This got me thinking again that this little number could find a home within my home. At this point I'm thinking what's not to love about her designs, they're all gorgeous, you just have to agree.

Picture Source : Handmade by Me

Don't feel left out if you think you can't find her in any shop, she has her very own little space on-line where you can go and find all her products.

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