Thursday, April 4, 2013


When I happened along to Moonbaskets I got so inspired with what they are doing with a little yarn and crochet needle. I love Moonbaskets use of modernising crocheting items and bringing it as a decor item into one's home.

Who would have thought that you can incorporate crocheting items as baskets, carpets and light fittings. I for one can see myself using one of these crochet bowls to showcase a few pebbles in them or let them stand alone as a nifty little art piece. Can you imagine waking up in the mornings and your feet hits the floor head on and instead of getting that cold tyle your toes warm up with a little crochet carpet. The lights fittings would set me up fine to get that all romantic feeling in one cosy little bedroom.

What can I say I wish I could crochet or maybe learn to crochet who knows I might be ablet to make me one of these on day.



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