Friday, May 3, 2013

Painted Air Dry Clay Plate

Ever tried painting an air dry clay plate. This is a very quick gift to make if you want to do something homemade for a friend.

It's super easy. Just take one air dry clay plate, some acrylic paint, I used student acrylics, one paint brush soft bristle, gloss varnish. That's it. I only used six colors, brown, red, white, green and gold.

I first drew a basic outline of what I wanted to paint inside the plate and from there I just went crazy. It's about having fun. If you say you can't draw, and there is never such thing as a never can do, just use a template, transfer it to the plate and work from there. As in the picture below, you can use any round template you can copy onto the plate and just paint your picture with the acrylics. After your paint is dry, I used a hairdryer to dry mine, paint over with the gloss varnish. Whala there's your Painted Air Dry Clay Plate all ready to find a home.

In the end I use my plate as my Mobile Phone Holder next to my bed, and oh also my earing holder, and seems to be my ring holder to. Lotsa uses.

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