Monday, July 8, 2013

Photography - Out and About

I have no excuses really, except begging for some "grace" blogging wise. I've been running around like a blue horse fly all over the place Home, Work, Life, Family. This weekend, I've decided this is it, if you are not going to make time, give yourself time, a person will just procrastinate, and I'm not for procrastination at all. Not my thing. When the weekend came along, camera charged, I ventured forth exploring our local Rose Garden. It was awesome, not that it's Rose Season really. Just getting out and walking in the afternoon sun, smelling the "fresh" air. Absolutely great. On Sunday we took a bit of a drive up to Bloemendal just for a bit of a walkabout and coffee. I wish I could just bottle the greenness, freshness, smells coming from my little walk through the vineyards. Even though I can't really, the next best thing is sharing all my lovely photographs from the weekend. I'm working through a bit of black and white photography and macro photography. I have to say, luv it, luv it, luv it.


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