Friday, June 21, 2013

Photography Adventure

It's going to be a bit of a cold and/or wet weekend. It's off to a rainy start and clearing up by Sunday, hopefully, that's what WeatherSA says. It's off to get my mittens, warm socks, boots, warm jerseys, milo and all the warm stuff. I don't really want to stay indoors either, so this weekend I'm making it a bit of a photographic project and going exploring with camera in hand. Hitting the Cape Townian streets.

I've just read a book about street photography that got me totally inspired. I can't wait to get out there to explore. To give myself a bit of a bigger challenge I'm doing all the shots in black and white and for a bit of a furtherest challenge I'm giving myself a little checklist to complete. I'm so excited and I'm feeling the adventure. Join me if you're feeling the adventure to.

A few hints to start off, rainy and cloudy weather is perfect, it brings greater shadows, definition to your shot.

Look at shooting different angles / textures / patterns.

Choose your aperture and stick with it, it's an in the moment shoot not a wait a moment and then get everything right and then shoot moment. Street photography is a bit of an now thing, look and shoot. This actually practices your eye to see and really look at all things in and around you.

Another hint is if you are taking street photos that if someone does see you, don't whip it away like someone who's hand got caught in the cookie jar, just be casual and give your best smile and move on.

What you can do is look like you're shooting a building, but your eye is focussed on an image. Just give the illusion and go on about what you want to do.

I'm sharing one or two photographs that can get your imagination and spirit moving into the adventure section of your mind of street photography.

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