Monday, September 30, 2013

Do It Now

I've had a great weekend, full of stuffies that needed to be done. For the last couple of months I've been organising, re-organising my entire home, becoming a bit more efficient, home friendly, minimalistic, throwing out the old, not always bringing in the new, just trying to keep things a bit more simpler, calmer and stress free.

I've been re-inventing my home - it's such a freeing experience. Really, really taking a black plastic bag and just letting everything go - all the not used, lying around, broken pieces and applying the principle of if you haven't seen it, used it, thought of it in the past six months, you never will and just chuck it. I think the Bin Guys can't wait for our bins to come out every week.

It's a process, as de-cluttering is hard work. I've worked it through room by room and started with my bedroom first. Again, it's the decision making process, what do you keep what do you let go.

Me - I just let go, the clothes I never ever will fit in again, gone, even the ones I think I'll fit in again sometime - gone. Went through my lingerie drawer - all the old, broken bit and pieces - gone. Another little matter we tend to not think about - all the old make up, colours gone. I only have two lipsticks in my repertoire, one for day one a bit darker for night, if it's finished I'll get one more. Those days for ten lotions - gone. Repainted my bedroom walls, new linen. Keeping it fresh and simple. No more little bits and pieces lying around the bedroom. TV out, light music in. Lamp light in, Bright lights out. Bringing the tone down a notch. The bedroom is my go to space for relaxation not to be bombarded by todays news. Book in Tablet out - to tempting - browsing, reading much more relaxing. Have a few candles stashed around the room and even a vintage record player with a few oldies lying around. It's really such a great experience now.

In the kitchen I went through the same process, everything that's old, moldey, broken, chipped - gone. Chucked all the broken plastics, odds, everything that did not have a friend - gone. Even counted out all the knives and forks, don't need more than what you need, same for glasses, cups, saucers. All the extra crockery got new homes. When you need a double plug for a electronic item like a mixer or something, I got them all plugs safely tucked away in the boxes. Next time I need a mixer, toaster, any form of electronic, plug's in hand and I don't need track one down, save loads of time and a great stress reliever. Simplified the menus, only make what the kids like, keeping meals simple. Keeping a grocery list. Only getting what's needed and not what's on the want list. Sticking to the grocery list. This has made a huge impact on our budget. Great way to save money. Buy in bulk, looking at the quantity price. Specials are not always what they are - specials. If you have a bottle of cleaner and already bought another, first finish up the first before you open the other, otherwise you might end up with loads of near empty bottles all over the place.

I did the same things for the lounge - I have tons of books - am in the process of sifting through and sorting out. They would need homes shortly.

Still have to work and sift through all the electronic media such as photos, software, etc. am getting there. Every little bit of time I have, instead of just not doing anything I make it a point to do something, even as small or insignificant, these moments just add up to all the big moments.

Still have to work through the bathroom, which needs a total make-over and the kids rooms. Small moments into big moments.

I'm halfway there.

This is such a liberating experience.

Be inspired - go forth and conquer the clutter it adds about ten years to your life and in the process frees up tons of time, and lowers the stress levels of clutter all over the place. This makes time to go outside and play. Just saying.

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