Friday, October 18, 2013

Christmas Gifting

I know, I know It's a bit early, going the Christmas season route. It's just that when it get's to the "silly season" we all run around like a dog wagging its tail and sometimes we even get this headless chicken feeling. That's why as I'm in the mode of 10's -  from this coming Monday, every day for ten days, yes ten days I'm going to post something crafty to make for Christmas. Some simple checklists to keep those senior moments at bay. Do some pre-planning - otherwise what is supposed to be a time of catching up with friends, family and relaxing can become a time of complete strain and mental drainage. We don't want that. Why don't you just change things around this year. When you think you can't - you can.

This is your official invite for this coming Monday, book your space, check in during the next ten days and we'll get cracking on a few things for Christmas.

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