Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 7 - Share the Joy

Visit a friend, your parents a sibling. Bake them a cake. Just enjoy being with your family and friends. Life sometimes goes by so quickly when you blink it might be gone.

Just be present in the moment. That's all you have to do and be today. LIVE FROM MOMENT TO MOMENT.

Here’s your questions of the day.

What do you consider as being funny?

What is your favourite food?

Can you keep a secret?

Who is the mentors in your life and why?

Who is the person you have to forgive the most and why?

Can you forgive, if not why not?

How would you work on forgiveness?

How do you care for yourself?

Can you say NO?

Are there monsters in your cupboard. If so how are you going to get rid of them. What is your plan? Do you need to see someone, speak to someone, how are you going to heal yourself? Make a list, write everything down and action your plan.

For today, just be pretty, take care of yourself and know that you will always have family and friends that love you. Even when you think you might not have anybody, life surprises you in it's suprisefullness.

Lotsa Luv

A few more BONUS questions just for you.

Have you remembered to be kind?

Have you made a will?

Have you looked at your finances?

Have told someone that you loved them lately?

Tomorrow you'll be answering another ten questions.
3 More Days To Go.

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