Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Your Crafters Cupboard

It's October ..... it's nearly official, it's about 12 weeks to the New Year and then we're on our way to 2014. At the end of the year we always start thinking of new beginnings, what can we do, what would we like to do, bringing forth that bucket list of things we wanted to do in 2013 and never got around to do. Part of this process we start thinking of what we can do from home, what would we like to do, and where do we see ourselves. As part of this change comes how we structure ourselves inside our own homes.  Making ourselves these small little nests which form our comfort zones where we brood, create, explore our inner creative beings. If you have one small little creative corner, that's your's that's all you need to get creatively exploring.

To start off our little nesting space we need a shopping list. Sometimes we wonder what we need to include, buy get to get started with our creative exploring mode, 

Herewith a few items I just can't live without in my crafting / art cupboard.

A spot filled with good light. Sunlight. If you don't have the light, get yourself a good standing light with a white bulb - works wonders if you're painting or doing something creative.

A standard in any craft cupboard should be the following items : -

Exacto Knife
Cutting Board - I have a small little vegetable cutting board, works just as well as my green cutting board.
Glue Gun
Masking Tape
Duct Tape
Cello tape
Paper Trimmer
Pliers (to bend craft wire etc.)
Tape Measure
Lino Cutters
Various Card Stocks, papers, notebooks, notelets.
Craft Foam
Ribbon and Lace
Safety Pins
Styrofoam Shapes
Canvass Paper

Watercolor paint (various colors) - I have from the kids stuff to my intense Lucas colors.

Acrylic paint (various colors) - can start with primary and mix and match
Aquas watercolor pencils (set of 12) - luv this - can color in and wash with waterbrushes. Handy to carry anywhere. 

Aquas pastel crayons - I use these as I'm a lover of all things watercolor - not a must have - but a like to have.
1 Box Oil Pastels - comes in quite handy for small little projects to accentuate something here or there.
Coloured Pencils

3 Watercolor Paint Brushes - fine, medium and broad tip. I go nowhere without mine.

3 Acrylic paint brushes- fine, medium and broad tip.

Glaze Matt Varnish - for all those items you just want to give a quick varnish
Modge Podge - No Crafter can do without
Glue - Clear glue works fine

Stamps - Various shapes and sizes
Stamping Pads - Various shades

Boxes - All my items are boxed and labelled. All my stamps in one box, my scissors, glues, pencils, pens, etc. etc. That way if I need anything it's just taking out one box, use it and rebox in my cupboard, nothing lying around. Don't have to go in search of those pesky little items that's on the loose some times.

I have tons of other nifty little items, as you craft, create, explore so will all the add ons, pieces of paper explode in and around you. Keep tabs on them, when you're finished file / box them. I luv recycling using bits here and there. You never know that an old piece of paper can become a vintage birthday card for someone.

I'm sharing a few ideas to make your home office, art space comfortable, nesty and homey

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