Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creative Break

We took a bit of a break, and I'm calling it my creative break. We went in search of a bit quiet, relaxing, chill time. That place where you can just sit and relax, de-stress and let your worries be put on the back burner for a moment or two. This has done me the world of good. To take a moment, just to breathe, be aware what's in and around one self and make the little moments count.

During this little "our" time I took out my camera and went exploring, to look at different angles, patterns, signs, colors, designs and everything that just worked the right hand side of my brain for a bit. Give the left hand side a bit of a break - you know the controlling one.

Out of my excursions these are the bits and pieces that inspired me in the moment. Taking out my camera and just go exploring, I had to remember to take a moment to take of the shoes, smell, touch, hear, see and taste everything around me.

I luved this picture of the kids playing - those carefree moments.

What's more beautiful than a home-grown original protea
 The sun breaking through late morning - the best

Wood, wood and more wood - welcomes summer
This made me think of my grandma's stove - us grandkids sitting next to one of these in winter.

 Kids playing - a total summer moment
 The kids brought us these little flowers

Tracks going somewhere - take me with ...............

 Just had to get in touch with nature....... - my feel / touch moment
 Patterns, patterns pattersn - they call to me

 This little sandstone home - days gone by

 There is nothing better than water, water and water, to put your toes in water, watch water, feel water, taste water, water is just one of those cleansing things - a bath, sea, dam, swimming pool anything to do with water is just that - relaxing

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