Friday, November 8, 2013

Working Through Creative Fear

Being creative is a way of life and sometimes deep down we have this creative fear of not doing things right.  Projects not coming out right. What we thought it would look like in our minds is not how anything comes out on paper or in anything else we are trying. What we need to do in our minds is to relearn and admit to the fear of not being good enough. The best way in realising how to deal with fear is knowing how our mind works in terms of what's happening around us. To let go and let God.

Another tool we can use in overcoming our fear and what makes us afraid is to look at what is the worst than can ever happen. Saying it out loud, admitting to the fear, understanding the fear can make the fear powerless. Nothing can be worse that what we can imagine could happen. Just bundle it up throw it up in the air and let go.

What I've realised is that fear can reside and cause a chemical reaction in your body. This in itself can cause headaches, stress and numerous other injuries can come to play. A suggestion would be is when you have that fear do something simple, take a walk, listen to calm music, do something concrete that would make your body relax and focus on something different.

Another tool is to tell somebody about your fear. When you speak to someone you trust admit your fear, ask for help, if needed. Friends are our beacons of light in a crazy world. Friends can keep us grounded and let us know that our fears are what they, sometimes have no base. Sometimes you will see your fear evaporate into thin air through your friends energy, way of thinking, speaking about your fears.

Pray about your fears, go outside, surround yourself with nature and pray for what you are not seeing. By praying you will align yourself and bring yourself to that place of stillness and peace.

One of the greatest ways to work through your fear is by walking in faith and be in touch with nature.

There is just nothing that speaks to ones fear by really seeing what is in and around us. A camera on hand work wonders to be mindful.

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