Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Grecian beauty

I've decided this is the year I'm going to explore that other self of me, the side that's creative, the side that wants to burst out of that bubble which has been in containment for most of my life. I love all things creative and have done one or two creative courses. This for me is a different path. At the beginning of the year I've given myself the speech which said - you are not having any absolutely none / nada new years resolutions as in the past a person make so many, when push comes to shove, that's where it stays on the mantle shelf gathering dust. This time I've decided come what may, I'm getting off my bum so to speak and it's going to be a doing year for me. None of this sitting on the shelf gathering dust. So the pep talk I've had with myself was it's going to be a process and I would love to see where it would and could lead me. One thing I can say is I've always loved design, checking out new designs in whatever format and getting inspiration which usually ends up only being in my head. This time around I'm going to take those images which usually float around in my head and give it some scope on paper. Basically going to do some exploring and see where this process will lead me. I might not be that good or I might be brilliant at it. Who knows, this year its going to be a DOING year and not a sitting on the shelf year. In this way by putting myself on paper I'm going to hold myself accountable. It might be quite a bit of the good the bad and the ugly. Like I say, who knows. In the doing I did get myself a nice little book and a few paint brushes with a couple of dabs of paint. So here goes........

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