Thursday, February 9, 2012

Authentic Self

This year although I promised myself no New Years resolutions, one of the items on my bucket list for my life is to be more authentic. In essence being authentic towards myself and others. It's challenging as one's gut reaction always seem to be protective towards that space surrounding oneself and thereby not always open towards new experiences, new adventures and life in general. Sometimes you don't want to take on new adventures as you think what would the cost be towards myself, albeit emotionally, physically or sometimes in money form. Sometimes a thought would cross my mind as in I would love to do this or be creative and then your other side of the brain speaks to you and say no, your not good enough,others are so much better at this, just let go. To be truthful a person ends up with that dissapointment within yourself. That's why this year I'm going to explore that part of me that is usually very cautious and tend to say no. This year I'm going to explore what happens if I say yes and give this creative side of me a chance. I'm going to give myself a chance to dream this year and I'm actually super excited about the prospect.

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