Monday, May 14, 2012

Cape Quarter Life Style Village

The Cape Quarter is just one of my favourite places to shop. Recently I shopped at Freerange Jewels, last time I couldn't make up my mind, this time around I bought myself a small little lock and key, this for me symbolized the possibilities one can unlock.  I have to admit a small little vice of mine, I just have to stop at Daniela's, their macaroons are just the best, and I mean best. You haven't had a macaroon until you tasted theirs. It just melts away in your mouth.

 There is a few decor shops I just have to browse through, one them is Still Life, another shop I just have to do a walk through is NAP, their is just a few others as well, all I can say is their is just to much to see and do, it is so much worth the visit. If one is worried about parking they have loads underground, so absolutely no worries in that regard.

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