Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spaces on Route 62 Robertson

In my travels and due to my love of shopping I came across a lovely little shop called Spaces in Robertson. It's one of those places which is on my to do or to stop list whenever I go to Robertson. They have a variety of shops under one roof. We usually have a cup of coffee a small little lunch while browsing with the eyes. There is just to much to see in one go and usually it takes one about three trips around the floor to really see everything you want to see. Most of the time we walk out with a shopping bag filled with the nicest of goodies. Did I mention that Strictly Coffee has a small little space on the floor. It's a must if you're totally into gourmet coffee, they are not into mass production and only roast to order that's for us who loves good coffee. The deli has great items that makes every recipe you want to try out a cooking experience with the best ingredients on offer. Have to say I loved their little heart shoes. So if you are ever in Robertson, passing along Route 62, pop in, it would be totally worth it.

 The little heart shoes
 This makes such a nice gift for those who can make all things nice with needle and thread

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