Friday, August 31, 2012

Candle Holder Mod Podge Tutorial

I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make a tea light holder. I'm by now means a Mod Podge guru, but I do wanted to show how quick and easy it is to make a candle light holder with what you have around you. I made these for the creative evenings I have without breaking my piggy bank. I have to say I had fun making these and will be definitely be looking at other items I can go crazy with.

 You don't need much, I used a few pictures from magazines laying around the house, a scissor, a nice glass jar, I used an empty jam jar, some podge and your good old faithful paint brush.
 I cut out some hearts, but any shape would do. Whatever and however you feel like it would work.
 I painted the jar with the podge and just let it set for a few seconds and basically "glued" the picture on the jar. I waited for another couple of seconds and podged over the picture.
 The only thing left to do is waiting for your little candle holder to dry and there you go...... all set for the evening.
The only ingredient missing was the small little tea light and there you have it - your quick little candle tea light holder.

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