Thursday, August 30, 2012

Homemade Vases Inspiration

Ever wanted a quick fix to dress up a table for a function or give a gift. I have to say vases are the way to go. It can be dressed up, dressed down. Today I'm sharing a few ideas specifically for those occasions when the desperation levels are a bit high and you need to make something in a hurry as a gift or for a table piece.

 This is so easy peazy to make, blow up a balloon, glue all the buttons to each other onto the balloon, wait to dry and pop the ballon, walla you have this nifty little
 Just take one small little tin, a couple of pencils, glue them all together to the tin and walla you have a nice little gift for a teacher.
 This again is just as quick, take one tin, a few twiggs and glue them all around the tin, add a few pretty flowers in the mix and here you go a nice little centre piece or gift.
 I thought this could make a nice little gift as well. Can take this idea and transpose to the empty tins. Just roll a couple of magazine papers around your tin, glue them as you go and you'll end up with something similar as above.
 Should you have a few tins lying around, no need to even spruce them, all you can do is give them a bit of a shine, flower them up and you have your little centre piece flower arrangement going for you.
 I love this idea, so simplistic. Taking one pumpkin and sprucing it up with some flowers. This could be transposed to any vegetable which is hardy so to speak. Take a few green, yellow and red peppers, core them, put small little yellow, white flowers in like daisies and there you go another little centre piece.
This would make a great idea as well, take one plain glass container, this could even be a jam jar or something similar, take a few ribbons, ribbonize your little jar, flower it up and there you go a nice little gift or centre piece.

So there you go, a few ideas to try when ever in need of a quick fix.

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