Saturday, September 1, 2012

Creativeness with friends

I luv re-connecting with my friends, it's always great fun and on the plus side the laughter muscles is always in working mode. In essence we are killing two birds with one stone, getting some much needed toning where needed and up to date news on the what's happenings with friends.
I decided to make some "shim" ornaments again. Actually my friends requested if they could make some more and who am I to say no. I have done a tutorial before on how to go about making the necessary ornaments you can find it here.
I've made a tutorial on how to make this candle holder, this can be found here.
I made this little flower on the candle holder and will share how to make this shortly. It's just as easy.

I just took two tins and wrapped it with some brown paper to give it a crafty look.
I used some air drying clay for this little ornament and used a stamp to give it an impression and used some of the podge to give it a bit of a sealing coat.
I hope you'll have a creative weekend this weekend as I'm off to a busy start myself.

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