Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pillow Inspirations

I'm inspired by pillows, I luv pillows, I'm one of those people who drive my husband crazy with the amount of pillows on our bed. I luv the fact that I can scrunch up a few behind my back, use them for support when I need something to prop my laptop up with. Can hide my alarm clock under one of those cushions in the mornings. Can secretly read a book behind a cushion. Can hide some sweeties from the kids under all the cushions, just remember to not forget them. Cushions is just one of those must haves in one's life. They can inspire you with words, places, colors, nature. You can change them or can change them around whenever you're in the mood. You can add a cozy corner on the floor with all the cushions. I remember way back I watched a movie called Pillow Talk on one of the channels, see pillows even get to inspire movies. Pillows can dress up any room, or dress down any room. It's a definite super inspirational item. Today I'm sharing you some of my fav's.

 Pillows can inspire and be inspired
 Pillows can go Urban
Pillows can even go a bit country
 Pillows can go a bit French
 Pillows can make you smile
 Pillows can personalize
 Pillows can talk
 Pillows can reflect your fav' hobby
 Pillows can let you play
 Pillows can make you travel
 Pillows can make you feel
Pillows can say nature here we come!!!

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