Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cape Town Restaurant View Inspiration

I've got a friend who is coming to visit soonish and I have to think what we can do, where can we go, do all the local explorations, to go show her those places that we haven't been to yet, the unexplored according to mwa. One of those things on any persons to do list while travelling is thinking of food, putting your feet up so to speak, nice food, being able to sit back relax and enjoy a good view and letting those five senses explore. These are the places that got my senses working overtime and is on my wishlist for explorations in the future.

Cape Town - View from Apostels
Cape Town - View from Blow Fish
 Cape Town - View from Westin Hotel
View from Dubai
 View in Greece
 View in New York
 View in Paris
 View in Sydney Opera House
View in Barcelona
View in Roma

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