Monday, September 17, 2012

Francshhoek Explorations

Herewith some Franschhoek Explorations. It's such a luverly small little town with wonderful places to explore. It's one of those towns which has the most or best rewarded chefs in the country congregated in one small little space. So foodwise you just can't go wrong. This town has a lot of French influence, because of the French Huguenots and this can be seen in the surrounding architecture. I have to say this definitely has to be on your places to visit list if anytime in the Western Cape. The small little shops are to drool for. There is wonderful art galleries, the best Tsonga shop if you're into shoes and bags, gift shops, jewelry shops, the lists are endless. I love the bookshops, museums, the leisurely strolls down the road ... it's on my blissometer of blissness if you need to destress.


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